Value of A Photographer

I see alot of clients spend a huge amount of money on their celebration and at the end say – “oh I didn’t get any nice pictures.”I totally agree! Recently I had my daughter’s birthday party and had every intention of taking a few pictures of my own and missed every opportunity because I was busy attending to someone or planning the next part of the celebration. So, I thought I would share some reasons why you SHOULD pay a professional photographer to capture your special events.

1. Knows how to work the guests.

Photographers will know how to manage your crowd and take shots at the same time. They are not attending the event so they will not be distracted by conversations or introductions.

2. Lighting!

They have experience with lighting and the sun! They will make sure no one is squinting in pictures and will make your indoor pictures POP!

3. Angles.

They know which angles look best and which don’t work.

4. No moment will be forgotten. Sit back and enjoy the birthday cake and song… no need to film it… you will have lots of pictures captured to remember.

5. The kids are already having a great day – no need to force smiles for pictures. Your photographer will capture those great moments of joy and excitement which are real.

I personally hire Anna Murray Photography to capture all my private events and I never regret it.

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Written by Tanya J
14th Nov 2021

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