Wet Weather Hire

Wet weather sucks! But the past few months have proved it will more likely rain than not! As negative as it sounds, by having a plan b, you are protecting yourself from a huge amount of stress rearranging days our from your party.
Here are a few things to remember:
All inflatable hire companies have a safety obligation to make sure no guest suffers an injury or harm as a result of negligence or recklessness. If one company decides to cancel and you decide to search for another company for the same day, consider the risk to the children very carefully.
Find a local venue as a plan b – not easy right?! But very possible to save your entire party! It could be the difference between everyone stuck in your lounge room v. everyone cosy inside a hall or other type of protected venue.
Swap to indoor equipment – we have a lot of options for indoors if a castle is too big for the area. This may include garden games / ball pits or kids play equipment.
Don’t leave changes to the last minute – I have seen clients waste days hoping for a miracle change in the weather and as much as we wish they were right, its unlikely to change dramatically.
We can proceed under the following conditions
Rain forecast under 4mm
Wind forecast under 30km as long as the area is protected (not in an open field) by fences etc.
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Written by Tanya J
5th Jan 2022

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